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Man Hiking in Wilderness

Wilderness Retreats

What we do…

We organize and lead wilderness treks into an undeveloped forested area. We camp for an agreed-upon amount of time in the wilderness facilitating time and activities that will allow you and/ or your group to connect with our Creator, the world around you, and yourself. These may look different according to the needs/ desires of the person (or group) involved. But all will be seeking the same goals of peace, healing, and connectedness.

Why this approach?

Our world is loud and crowded. Everyone and everything is so busy. This is an opportunity to step aside from all of that and take a time out. Within this space, you are given the opportunity to regain things that are lost in the chaos of our current world and develop skills to help you carry the practices of being present and intentional with you as you rejoin society after your retreat.

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