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Leadership Development

What we do…

Leadership & Decision-Making Process Training

The Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP) was designed to teach battle commanders how to:

  • efficiently gather and process information necessary for strategic planning

  • execute said plans with minimal disruptions, casualties, and costs (things that come from mistakes)

Our curriculum, L-DMP, has the same objective, but it begins with Leadership development and is being designated to function in multiple civilian contexts such as business, academia, and churches.

Why this approach?

L-DMP is not entirely new or revolutionary. It is a well-established, organized planning and execution method based on a long history of facts, conviction, and actual information rather than emotional decision-making. There are, of course, many processes in the business world designed for such efficiency, and if you are familiar with these, you will see overlap…numerous similarities. That said, our curriculum and our team have what might be four specific advantages over these:


  1. This curriculum is based on MDMP, a strategic system developed and fine-tuned over hundreds of years by elite strategists.

  2. We are adding Leadership development so that the individuals involved are learning Decisions Making and growing individually as a Leader.

  3. We will be sensitive to the context of who our client is: not just a business in a growth phase but a spiritual people actively seeking to operate according to God’s direction. The curriculum is designed to consider aggressive opposition (an enemy). We are actively aware that you/we have one of these, and we must function accordingly.

  4. Our curriculum and services will cost you time, prayer, and commitment.


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