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Faith-Based Counseling

What we do…

Steve’s approach to counseling is a biblical look at holistic health or “Exchanged Life.”

We believe all people should understand their worth and purpose as a child of God. Your true purpose can be realized by exchanging your false self, or self-centered life, for your true self, or Christ-centered life. With this change in consciousness, we can live spiritually mature and healthy lives. We can heal and grow from trauma and loss. We can heal our wounded marriages and grow from mistakes. Depression and anxiety can now be approached with a spirit unified with Christ.

Why this approach?

Steve’s education and training at Luther Rice Seminary and Grace Fellowship International (GFI) naturally lead to his philosophy and approach to counseling. In his words,  “I believe that all who reach out for assistance with life due to emotional conflict, marital problems, or pre-marriage counseling to name a few; deserve to be heard well. Most problems are not original; however every person is unique based on hereditary temperament, family and social environment, different loss and trauma, and the list goes on.[1] My approach is to take time to get to know the person and assess, within my capability, the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the counselee.”


Steve also seeks to understand if someone is dealing with medical issues that prevent them from effective counseling and to assess spiritual attacks that need to be addressed urgently or determine if counseling can begin with a discipleship approach toward spiritual health that will most likely lead to a mental healing and to some degree of physical healing in the process.[3] 


My methodology of discipleship, as stated above, is from training in Spirituotherapy. Spirituotherapy is an organized process that includes helpful materials to guide a believer toward the exchange of a self-centered life for a Christ-centered life (Romans 12:1-2).  By starting with this approach in the early stages of counseling, we prevent the giving of secular or religious coping skills and defense mechanisms to either a non-believer or a Christian.


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