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Equine assisted Learning

What we do…

We conduct primarily ground-based, trauma-informed, equine assisted learning that uses different approaches and methods to target different specific needs for our clients. Regardless of the method being used, our approach is goal-oriented and intended to facilitate healing and equip you for moving on from our program living a fuller, healthier, and more connected life.

Why this approach?

Steve and Janet have both experienced and believe that God’s truths can be found in nature regarding His intent of how we are meant to relate to Him, each other, and the world around us. Both also have come to see, through experience, how these truths are made more apparent and tangible when working with horses. Abstract concepts around being present and connected, being self-aware, embodying calm and peacefulness can be brought into concrete and even visual terms when working with a horse. With the help of a horse we can also learn to develop a healthy understanding of and relationship with self-control - not where emotions are suppressed but where they are recognized, accepted, and dealt with through conscious and intentional decision-making.

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