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Sitting on a Rock

Coaching in Contemplation

What we do…

We practice silence (Centering Prayer) and prayerful reading of Scripture (Lectio Divina), and the continuous walk with awareness of the Holy Spirit’s presence and action (Welcoming Prayer). These terms and methods are not required to know God or live contemplative lives. You will learn them as you join us in learning the benefits of living contemplatively and how to live a more contemplative life overall.

Why this approach?

So many Christians are craving to know God more and non-Christians are looking for deeper connectedness wherever they can find it. In Christianity, we know that the knowledge of God comes primarily through studying scripture and living among others who love God. There is, however, another activity that we observe in the life of Jesus. He craved to be alone with God. He escaped, physically when possible to the desert to pray or when that was not possible, to his “inner room” - a place where, regardless of what was going on around him, he could silent his mind and listen to his Father. We believe following this example is what gives us the tools to also live in such a way.


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