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Harmony horsemanship

Healing with Horses

-- Our Vision -- 

To facilitate lasting healing and the development of useful life skills through faith-based counseling and certified equine assisted learning.

-- our Team --

Janet brock

Horse Trainer and Handler

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Janet has lived among and handled horses for the majority of her life.

She was born onto a horse-breeding farm owned and operated by her veterinarian, horse-training father. She was taught how to handle horses as a horse trainer from as far back as she can remember. She competed in Western Pleasure and Barrel Racing when she was young and has since ridden and trained horses all over the world. She is now partnered with her father in the re-birth of their horse-breeding business, training horses, leading trail rides, competing, and teaching horsemanship and riding lessons. Janet has also been trained in mediation and conflict resolution and is certified in supporting religious workers overseas as well as being a certified Cerny-Smith stress coach. She is pursuing certifications in Equine Assisted Services from “The OK Corral Series” and “The Horse Course.”

Steve Redenbaugh

Counselor and teacher


Steve is married and has three children. He retired from the Army Reserves and is a recipient of a Bronze Star Medal. 

He served on the Medical Advisory Team for President and Vice President of the United States. Steve has been a part of six medical start-ups that were either acquired or technology licensed to strategic for global sales. He is a co-founder and Board member of Summit for Soldiers, a non-profit focused on outdoor community and adventure-therapy for veterans. He is a founder and Sr. Partner at Harrison Bay Enterprises and Founder and Partner at Walnut Street Publishing. Steve graduated from Luther Rice College & Seminary with a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling. He is certified in Exchanged Life Counseling (Spirtuotherapy) from GFI in Pigeon Forge. As a Biblical Counselor and practitioner of contemplation, he has been serving and sharing these practices for years including three years of weekly Centering Prayer and weekly Lectio Divina. Steve included in much of his counseling contemplative practices to include concepts from Contemplative Outreach such as; Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, and Welcoming Prayer. Steve is a co-author of L-DMP, Leadership - Decision Making Process. He teaches military leadership and decision making principles to business, church, and academic leaders. Steve also co-authored; 180, Small Steps to Big Changes, a book that leads hurting people toward a renewed path of healing and strength. Steve is actively mentored by Janet in horsemanship and is pursuing certifications in Equine Assisted Services from “The OK Corral Series.”

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Steve and Janet met at church and were connected through a shared vision of offering Equine Therapy to those who have served overseas - for Steve as veterans and for Janet as religious workers. Both have served overseas themselves and have had to find healing from PTSD and other issues related to and as a result of that time. Both have also found immense healing in working with and being around horses and understand the ways in which horses can touch parts of the human soul in ways little else can. With Steve’s background in counseling and Janet’s background in horsemanship both believe they have the opportunity to offer something truly unique and special to those needing help.

-- Our Story --

The O.K. Corral Series*
*currently pursuing

The O.K. Corral Series educates, promotes, and supports professionals in the practice of authentic equine-assisted work. Authentic equine-assisted work honors and integrates natural horse and herd behavior as a model for human mental and emotional health using the equine-assisted philosophies developed by Greg Kersten, Founder of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling degree is designed to train you to serve as a counselor in local churches and other ministry settings. You will be equipped with the necessary skills to assist those in need of Christ-centered counseling and/or pastoral care.

The Mission of the Health Care Management (HCM) program [at SIU] is to prepare students for future entry-level management roles in healthcare service settings and/or to academically prepare them for graduate education.

Military and Professional education


Interpersonal Forensics Basic Course, 2009 Army Source Operations Course, 2008 – Certification Defense Strategic Debriefer Course, Fort Huachuca, 2007- Certification Special Agent Course (18 weeks, 30-40 level course) - Certification Captains Career Course, 2006 - Certification US Army Basic Officer Course, 2003 - Certification US Army Officer Candidate School, 2003 - Certification Miller-Heiman Strategic Selling Course, 1998 - Certification Winter Mountaineering Course by Rainier Mountaineering Inc. - Assents include Mt. Anna Purna, Himalayas; Mt. Rainier, Mt Adams, Mt. Baker, Mt. Hood, Mt. Fuji United States Marine Corps Combat Medical Training, Camp Pendleton, California, 1995 - Certificate Naval School of Health Sciences, San Diego, California, 1991 – Certificate Cardiovascular Technician (13-month curriculum), Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Instructor, and Advance Trauma Life Support (ATLS) trained NAUI and PADI Scuba – 1990, 2008 Jungle Environmental Survival Training - Philippines - 1990

The Horse Course is a revolutionary approach to mental health/self-regulation designed for those with complex psycho-social needs with excellent impact evidence. We help people to become calm and focused by learning to communicate with specially trained horses from the ground. Our programs train people to recognize and manage emotions causing them to become  disengaged, chaotic, shut down or aggressive.

Dr. Charles Solomon pioneered a strategic, short term counseling model that applies deeper life sanctification to the heart of the counselee’s psychological and behavioral problems. While understanding the counselee’s inner conflicts in the light of human development, the ultimate answer to remedy dysfunctional symptoms is the provision and appropriation of Christ as Savior, Lord, and Life. It is termed Spirituotherapy to honor the ministry of the Holy Spirit–the ultimate Counselor. The Bible is the all-sufficient source of truth, wisdom, and revelation to resolve non-organic counseling problems. Solomon noted, “It is possible for counseling to be Bible-centered without being Christ-centered or Cross-centered. Christ-centered counseling (grace-oriented) will always be biblical, but biblical counseling is not always Christ-centered.”

United States Military Service Record
Steve: Army/ Navy/ Marines, 28 years, Major, Retired

Steve retired from the Army after 28 years of service. He served 10 years on active duty as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines and as a cardiopulmonary technician. Steve was commissioned in the Army Reserves as an Intelligence Officer. After 9/11, he completed three tours and several missions and mobilizations as a Counterintelligence Special Agent / HUMINT Collector. Military Awards: * Bronze Star Medal * Joint Service Commendation Medal – 2nd award * Joint Service Achievement Medal – 2nd award * Navy Achievement Medal – 2nd award * Army Superior Unit Award * Meritorious Unit Commendation * Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation * Navy Good Conduct Medal * National Defense Service Medal – 2nd award * Global Ward on Terrorism Service Medal * Kosovo Campaign Medal * Iraq Campaign Medal with Star * Army Service Ribbon * Navy/Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon – 2nd award * Armed Forces Reserve Medal with M Device – 4th award * Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal * Knowlton Award * German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (Gold) * Army and Navy Expert Marksmanship - Rifle * Army and Navy Expert Marksmanship - Pistol * Command Sailor of the Year * Sailor of the Month – 2nd award * Chosen by Selection Board to serve the President and Vice President of the United States * * Member of Medical Evaluation Treatment Unit, Bethesda, Maryland, January 1993 – October 1994

CernySmith is a research, development, testing and training organization focused on developing materials and services that support people, coaches, and organizations. Our goal is to help people in any country to adjust and change during times of transition. Failure to adapt is costly, and successful adjustments do not come easy. Adjustment takes time, commitment, skill, and energy. We realize that healthy adjustments lead to greater satisfaction, increased productivity, and general well-being, so we created these powerful assessments that help equip people with the tools they need for success.

OM International

Janet: Certification in People Care, Levels 1 and 2

This course is designed to be an introduction to basic people care skills. It prepares the participant to care for and support community members, team members, colleagues and friends facing the regular ups and downs of life prevalent in any environment and intensified in cross-cultural living and service. Session topics include: * Overview of People Care * Qualities of a People Care provider * Listening and Empathy Training * Personal Debriefing Skills * Conflict Management * Intercultural People Care * Transition and Change * Maintaining Healthy Margins [The Level 2] course builds on Level 1 topics as well as adding more complex topics that PC providers encounter in their ministries such as: * The Ethical Foundations of People Care * Advanced Listening Skills * Psychological First Aid * Supporting Teams, Families, Marriages, and Singles * Supporting Trauma Survivors *Supporting Good Emotional and Mental Health on the field — including recognizing disorders and addictions * Advanced Debriefing Skills

At Bryan, we learn because we are called to lead. That’s why students are encouraged to develop a Biblical worldview while also learning to think deeply and critically. We believe that getting an education should mean more than gathering information or passing an exam. [The business degree] program prepares students to meet organizational objectives through effective planning, resource control, organization, and leadership. Majoring in Business at Bryan College is a challenging and rewarding experience that prepares you to compete effectively in today’s fast-paced world. Our objective is for students to acquire a knowledge, proficiency, and vision of business through the lens of a biblical worldview, which will enable you to make wise and ethical decisions. Bryan faculty partners with the Business Advisory Board to continually update the curriculum in order to keep pace with the constantly evolving marketplace.

-- Our Horses --

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Our Community and Partners

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